ASCO Website and Publications Advertising Policy

Advertising on the ASCO website and in its publications is available to Member institutions, Corporate Contributors, organizations or institutions affiliated or allied with ASCO, non-member developing institutions, and non-member. ASCO reserves the right in its sole discretion to accept, reject or request modifications to ads at any time for space or other considerations. ASCO also reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify its advertising policies and practices at any time.

Definitions and Website Rates (Job Ads)

Member Institutions are ASCO Active Institutional, Affiliate and Associate Members ($300 for 30 days)

Allied Organizations are currently cited here with links to their websites ($500 for 30 days)

Corporate Contributors are Industry Partners that support ASCO national programs and activities that benefit the schools and colleges of optometry.  ($500 for 30 days)

Developing Non-Member Institutions are schools and colleges that have not met the requirements for consideration as an ASCO Active Institutional Member ($500 for 30 days)

Non-Member are those that do not fall under the above categories ($500 for 30 days)*

*Receipt of payment is required prior to posting career advertisement

ASCO Publication Rates

ASCO Journal — Optometric Education
$5,000 as sponsor of Journal

Advertisement rates: To be determined

ASCO eNewsletter — Eye on Education
$5,000 as sole sponsor of eNewsletter