Meet Dr. John Flanagan, ASCO President


A Short Conversation with Dr. John Flanagan, ASCO President During ASCO’s Board meeting in June, ASCO swears in a new President for the upcoming 12 months. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Board meeting was held remotely, and Dr. John Flanagan was sworn in as ASCO’s President virtually. Dr. Flanagan is the Dean […]

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This Is Why I Am Proud To Be A Doctor of Optometry


In many ways, vision is our most valued sense. Much of our physiological design, such as skull shape, is based around interpreting and enhancing the immense amount of information our eyes give us. Our eyes are some of the most complicated structures in nature. People with impaired vision often don’t realize what they’ve been missing […]

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Sha’Mia Stinson Recent Grad Profile


written by Dr. Sha’Mia Stinson KYCO 2020 Graduate Hi! I’m Sha’Mia Stinson and I am a recent graduate from the Kentucky College of Optometry from South Carolina. I decided to pursue a career in optometry because I enjoy helping improve patient’s quality of life through vision services by diagnosing and treating eye related diseases, identifying […]

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KYCO Graduate Looks Back


Hi there! My name is Nitya Murthy and I’m a very recent graduate of the Kentucky College of Optometry. As I look back on my last 4 years in optometry school, I feel immense gratitude. I feel so lucky to be in this profession, for having attended my school, and to be living in the […]

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Get Up to Speed with ERG: Dispelling Common Myths


blog post submitted by Diopsys, ASCO Corporate Contributor   Many ophthalmologists and optometrists have an outdated view of electroretinography (ERG)—one that associates the use and function of older ERG technology rather than the modern visual electrophysiology tools used by eye care professionals today. This means that common myths still making their way around the eye […]

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Debunking Common Eyesight Myths!


Can you think of a common eyesight “fun fact” that you’ve never actually heard a doctor say? Those are what we’d call “eyesight myths” — old wives’ tales for your eyes. Most of us have probably wondered how true they are. So today, we are going to break down some common eyesight myths and separate […]

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Can You Have Better than 20/20 Vision?


Your eyes are one of the most important sensory organs in your body. In fact, there’s a very high chance that you are using your eyes to read this right now! However, most people, when asked, won’t know what 20/20 vision is or what it means for them. On top of that, they often ask […]

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Be Smart about Student Loans


Borrowing at least some of the money needed to pay tuition and other expenses is a fact of life for just about anyone who pursues higher education. However, while borrowing isn’t something to take lightly, fear of student loan debt needn’t derail the desire to attend optometry school. Many sources of need-based or merit-based scholarships […]

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Future Optometry Student: Ciara Knapp


written by ASCO intern Brooke Weiner Most students entering college have no idea what they want to do, and once they decide what they want to do, they change it. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 80% of college students change their major at least once. This was not the case, however, for […]

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Reflections of a 3rd Year Optometry Student


writen by former ASCO intern Theresa Maher Autumn Killop, is a contributor to the ASCO blog but now is the subject. As a third-year student at the Southern College of Optometry, Killop has the opportunity to engage in clinic practice this year, and reflect on the last two years. She finished her midterms in early June, and […]

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