Is .edu For You?


If this isn’t your first time reading ASCO’s Eye on Optometry blog, you know about the variety and versatility a career in optometry has to offer. The list of potential positions and practice settings is quite long. In just one of the possible settings, academia, which is the focus of this post, a future optometrist […]

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Pre-Optometry Clubs with Brighter Visions: Helping their Campus & Community One Day at a Time


Pre-Optometry Clubs are an excellent way for prospective optometry students to learn more about the optometry field and develop their interests. Pre-Optometry clubs can help undergraduate students in their application processes as well as help them gain mentors who share their same passions. Often, Pre-Optometry clubs can provide opportunities for students to make lasting impacts […]

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A Short Conversation with Dr. David Damari, ASCO President


Each July, ASCO swears in a new President to serve for the year. This year’s President, Dr. David Damari, sat down with ASCO’s Intern, Amanda Howarth, and Director of Communications, Kimberly O’Sullivan to talk about the next twelve months. Dr. David A. Damari is the Dean at Ferris State University Michigan College of Optometry. Prior to […]

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My Internship at ASCO


Written By:  Amanda Howarth, ASCO Intern Four months ago I joined the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry as an intern, and I could not be happier with my decision. In my short time here, I cannot believe how many new skills I’ve gained and how much I’ve learned about the field of optometry. […]

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Four Schaeffers Come to One Conclusion: Optometry is a Great Career


Dr. Jack L. Schaeffer, OD, FAAO, has such a remarkable passion for optometry as a career that his enthusiasm has proven to be contagious. The success of the 18-location (and still growing!) full-scope eye care practice he founded in Alabama is built upon his love for the profession, an unwavering commitment to his patients, and […]

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Social Life in Optometry School: What’s it Like?


Compared to undergraduate school, a health professions education such as a four-year Doctor of Optometry degree program involves a heavier course load, more challenging material and a more serious commitment. Students really invest themselves and work hard to eventually experience the stability, flexibility, desirable income and personal satisfaction of an optometric career. But that doesn’t […]

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Can You Take a Gap Year Before Optometry School?


In 2016, when President Obama’s daughter Malia decided to take a “gap year” between high school and college, it was widely reported and drew a lot of attention to the concept. College graduates, too, can consider taking a gap year before moving on to graduate or professional school, including optometry school. This is something optometry […]

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An Optometrist Saved My Vision!


A marketing professional who has been collaborating with the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) for the past several years recently shared the following story with ASCO staff. She would like everyone to know how invaluable the accessibility, compassion and expertise of an optometrist were to her recently when she experienced a retinal […]

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