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   Optometry Gives Me Life is optometry’s only campaign that is seeking the attention of the best and brightest prospective students – and the metrics during the few short months the campaign was active in fiscal year 2019 were outstanding.
The campaign uses many tactics to reach potential students. Through paid digital media, significant specialized and targeted social media out- reach, a fun and lively website at (featuring videos and testimonials of three Doctors of Optometry living their best life), publi- cations and ancillary promotional materials, emails and direct mail, the Optometry Gives Me Life campaign is building awareness of the tangible and intangible rewards that accompany a career in optometry.
We thank our corporate sponsors for helping us make this campaign possible: VSPGlobal; Hoya; Luxottica EyeMed; National Vision; Allergan; CooperVision; and the California Optometric Association.
Additionally we thank the Doctors of Optometry featured in the campaign — Drs. Jeffrey Lewis, Muriel Martinez and Miki Lyn Zilnicki.
“The future of the profession is dependent upon the success of recruiting the best and brightest minds and maximizing efforts that support optometry students and new graduates coming into the profession. VSP Global is proud to partner with ASCO and is committed to creating opportunities that support the next generation of optometrists.”
— Vernon Dela Cruz, University & Student Relations Manager/Donor Relations VSP Global, ASCO’s first lead sponsor of the Optometry Gives Me Life campaign
     8 hours 22 minutes of footage filmed
        3,463 still frames taken during the Optometry Gives Me Life photo shoots
first LEAD sponsor secured
10 • ASCO Annual Report

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