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One Voice At A Time
  ASCO is the voice of optometric education.
Nothing is more vital to our success than the education of the students at our 23 member schools and colleges of optometry in the US, and our two associate member institutions in Canada. Students interested in academia can become faculty, administrators and volunteers at ASCO.
Regardless of the path one chooses to practice optometry, ASCO resources are available to the optometric academic community and broader optometric professional community. Our newsletter, Eye on Education, offers subscribers up-to-date infor- mation about education trends; news from the schools and colleges as well as industry, especially ASCO’s Corporate Contributors, and other optometric groups and associations; volunteer opportunities; and news from upcoming ASCO-sponsored meetings, programs and services.
Academic in scope, our scholarly Journal, Optometric
Education, offers peer-reviewed papers specifically geared toward optometric education. Published three times a year, Optometric Education features topics such as case studies from the classroom, how best to utilize technology in the classroom, ideas for handling challenges in a clinical setting and so much more.
Our blog, Eye on Optometry, housed within our website, is primarily geared toward potential applicants, but topics of blog posts run the gamut. The blog is an opportunity for students attending optometry institutions to guest author a post that best appeals to their peer group and hopefully raises awareness of the profession.
ASCO also has a YouTube channel and a podcast series that keeps our audience engaged through additional channels on the goings on of optometry, optometric education, and healthcare.
All ASCO resources are free of charge.
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Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry
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