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One Residency At A Time
  Students who complete a residency in optometry say it is a unique and valuable experience.
Optional, yet encouraged after graduating from optometry school, residencies offer advanced clinical training under an experienced mentor.
Residencies are required for clinical positions in ASCO’s schools and colleges and residency training is looked upon favorably when applying for a position with the Veterans Health Administration as well as some private practices.
Residencies enhance career opportunities and
add to the level of confidence the resident has when beginning their post-residency career. Applying for
a residency position begins in the fall and is an easy process through ASCO’s Optometry Residency Match program (ORMatch).
As part of its ongoing effort to promote graduate education and residencies, ASCO’s Academic Affairs Committee, in conjunction with the American Academy of Optometry hosted an “Ask the Experts” in San
Antonio. On hand to talk with interested students were experts from ASCO institutions.
“[The] Ask the Experts event was a creative way to talk one-on-one with students considering post-OD graduate education, and even some students that wanted to get more involved in research while in optometry school,” said Dr. Kelly K. Nichols, Dean at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Optometry.
“Events like this that allow specific questions to be answered in real time are often better at jump starting ideas and plans than lecture-based events. Graduate school is a very unique experience for every student, and if we could help even one student embark on a research path, we’ve succeeded,” she continued.
ASCO continues to survey 3rd year students on their interest in a residency. In 2019, 487 students were accepted into a residency.
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