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One Key Stakeholder At A Time
 Optometry is at a crossroads.
Optometric education is positioned to help guide how optometry will thrive in the coming years and the time is now for a new discussion on the state of the profession, its future, and the best way for optometric educators to prepare students for that future.
Hosted by ASCO, Opening Our Eyes: A Discussion on the Future of Optometric Education gathered together the ASCO Board, invited special guests who are leading the way in the field of optometry and optometric education, as well as faculty from ASCO institutions in March of 2019.
ASCO’s “Wall of Schools”
Sessions such as Quality & Quantity; Scope Practiced vs. Scope of Practice; Two-Tiered Profession; Student Debt; and Evolution vs. Inertia, allowed participants to have a frank, yet enlightening, discussion that will set in place a more promising future for the profession of optometry and for optometric education.
Prior to Opening Our Eyes, all participants were invited to ASCO headquarters in Rockville, Md. for an open house. This gave ASCO the opportunity to show off its newly renovated offices. Much conversation was held about the “wall of schools” which features a canvas of each optometric institution.
 “It was such a privilege and an honor to be invited to a meeting that included some of the current and future legends in the optometry field. The conversations during the meeting were both enlightening and inspiring. Given the number of impressive minds present at the meeting, I feel confident that optometry will rise above the challenges. I also believe that similar meetings in the future will be vital to our continued success.”
— Erin M. Brooks, OD, MS, FAAO, Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Missouri - St. Louis, College of Optometry
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