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Applicant Pool Development
Leadership Development
          Leading Voice
  The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry’s Annual Report details mission- related accomplishments within the Association.
These initiatives drive the Association’s efforts to advance optometric education through promoting the profession of optometry, and advancing faculty and volunteer’s personal and professional growth and development while being fiscally responsible.
Fiscal year 2019 was a year of landmark achievements – one of them being the first year of implementation
of ASCO’s comprehensive Strategic Plan. The 2018- 2022 Strategic Plan was developed by the Strategic
Plan Task Force, comprised of volunteers and chaired
by Karla Zadnik, OD, PhD, FAAO, (Dean, The Ohio State University, College of Optometry), as well as ASCO staff, with input from many other ASCO volunteers.
The five key Strategic Objectives of the Plan are:
1. Attract a robust, highly qualified, diverse applicant pool of students pursuing the necessary education required to treat, care for and improve overall vision and health of patients everywhere. (Applicant Pool Development)
2. Establish and promote career and leadership development programs for faculty, administrators, residents and students. (Leadership and Career Development)
3. Serve as the leading voice for optometric education. (Advocacy)
4. Develop and facilitate inter-institutional and inter- professional collaboration among ASCO member institutions as well as between ASCO and other organizations. (Collaborations)
5. Develop systems to assure effective governance, responsible resource allocation, and appropri- ate infrastructure development. (Organizational Infrastructure and Sustainability)
Measurable results for each objective are evaluated and revisited by staff and volunteers making this a living and breathing plan.
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