About ASCO

The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) is the academic leadership organization committed to advancing optometric education and research to enhance the health and well-being of the public. Since 1941, ASCO has pursued this mission by representing the interests of institutions of optometric education and by enhancing the efforts of these institutions as they prepare highly qualified graduates for entrance into the profession of optometry in order to best serve the public’s eye and vision needs.

ASCO proudly represents all accredited schools and colleges of optometry in the United States. ASCO also has Associate and Affiliate members and organizations

ASCO’s activities cover a wide range of programs including applicant development and diversity, faculty and leadership development, advocacy, residency promotion, collaboration and data development, and communications.

ASCO’s Wellness Statement
The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry encourages all member institutions to promote an educational setting that encourages and supports physical, mental and social well-being for all their students, faculty and staff.