Optometric Education Leadership Institute

The Optometric Education Leadership Institute (OELI) was established in 2020 to address ASCOs strategic objective of establishing and promoting career and leadership development programs for faculty, administrators, residents, and students.

The Institute’s goal is to improve the leadership skills of senior-level faculty and administrators who have been identified as having the potential to be a leader in optometric education at one of ASCOs member institutions. The Institute promotes active learning in a nurturing environment and is comprised of formal presentations, workshops, case studies, and shared activities in the areas of leadership and management. The program also provides participants with an opportunity to bond and establish an alumni network of supportive colleagues that would continue beyond the event.

Alcon and Essilor sponsor the Institute. ASCO chose ten leaders to undertake a two-day pilot at Alcon’s campus in Fort Worth, Texas, in January 2020. The aim was for emerging and existing leaders to test the program and provide feedback about format and content for future Institutes. 93% percent of the 2020 program attendees rated the program as very good or excellent.

What Participants Had To Say About Prior Meeting:

My time at the Optometric Education Leadership Institute (OELI) pilot program was extremely valuable. I was able to network with like-minded individual leaders from other institutions and explore different areas of leadership in a welcoming environment. This program helped me explore different ways to bring leadership training to my own institution. I have utilized the knowledge that I gained in my current position and the program has reinforced my desire to continue to expand in my leadership abilities. The individuals who took the program with me and the mentors that I met in the program continue to be a great support network.    

OELI helped me meet other professionals in similar positions to mine, and make useful contacts with mentors. As an institute participant, I learned all kinds of useful information about administering an optometric academic program and leading other optometrists.

Details for the next OELI are forthcoming.

Please contact Helen Sauvage for additional details.

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