International Optometric Education

ASCO promotes the worldwide advancement of optometric education including professional degree programs, dissemination of academic materials, and continuing education through our International Optometric Education (IOE) Committee and International Optometric Educators (IOE) Special Interest Group (SIG).

The IOE Committee makes recommendations to the ASCO Board about relationships, projects, and policies related to international education and the global promotion of the profession.

The IOE Committee has been working actively to:

  • Maintain current information about international educational, clinical, research and exchange programs and relationships supported by ASCO members
  • Explore ways to assist, coordinate, promote, advance and disseminate optometric education and training to schools and colleges in other nations
  • Help develop, establish and update international educational standards for levels of optometric academic and clinical competency in cooperation with foreign schools and colleges of optometry and their member optometric associations
  • Foster relationships with World Council of Optometry to ensure coordination of efforts, principles and standards
  • Scan the external environment to identify critical challenge(s), research the issue(s) and recommend a “position” or “action” to address that challenge

The IOE SIG meets annually to maintain a continuum of ongoing programmatic activity and projects to support the development and advancement of optometry and its academic and clinical programs worldwide. The SIG’s goals are to:

  • Expand student and faculty cultural awareness by partnering with international educational/patient care opportunities
  • Develop strategies for cooperation with other international organizations in the advancement of optometric education
  • Share and create educational material that can be used abroad
  • Enhance and advance the skills of international program directors and faculty
  • Assist schools and colleges of optometry worldwide with curriculum development
  • Facilitate optometric education programs and externships abroad

International Collaborations with ASCO’s International Optometric Educators SIG  –  Collaborative Program Questionnaire

For more information on ASCO’s international programs, please contact Carol Brubaker, Manager, Professional Affairs.

List of International Optometric Groups

International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

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