Online Clinical Educators Forum Presentations

Background: Online Clinical Educators Forum

In 2013-14 the ASCO Clinical Affairs Committee (CAC) proposed to the ASCO Board a day-long meeting specifically for clinic educators to be held in conjunction with the American Academy of Optometry meeting. The proposal however morphed into a virtual event when the ASCO Board decided to use released Endowment Fund monies to support ASCO’s first-ever online educational venture. After a couple years of ASCO Board-backed support, the ASCO Clinic Director/Administrators SIG generously offered its financial support of the Online Clinical Educators Forum (OCEF).

The OCEF began as a means to address the directive of the CAC’s charge to “explore and identify ways for schools and colleges to informally share expertise and resources in clinical education, services, research, and administration.” When the CAC was asked to define critical challenges facing clinical education for the “Finding ASCO’s Voice” initiative, the CAC determined that the need for developing relationships, exploring collaborative efforts, exchanging teaching philosophies and sharing best practices was just such a ‘critical challenge’ and plans for the OCEF moved forward.

The first OCEF, held in 2015, was developed by a planning group comprised primarily of active and former CAC members. The 2018 OCEF was ASCO’s fourth such event.

2018 OCEF Presentations

Entire OCEF presentation (with audio)

OCEF 2018 Myopia Clinical Update
OCEF 2018 Low Vision Technology Clinical Update
OCEF 2018 Traumatic Brain Injury Clinical Update
OCEF 2018 OCT-A Imaging Clinical Update


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