Dr. Lester Janoff Award for Writing Excellence

The Dr. Lester Janoff Award for Writing Excellence recognizes the outstanding writing of a research article published in the ASCO Journal Optometric Education. The award is named in honor of Dr. Lester E. Janoff, editor of the journal from 2002-2005, and long-time member of the editorial review board who was known as an exceptional optometric educator, administrator, contact lens clinician and researcher. Dr. Janoff was also a beloved mentor of young writers.

A committee of the Journal Editorial Review Board reviews all research articles that have appeared in the journal in the previous two years, selecting a winner from that pool. Publication excellence is judged on significance of the topic chosen, quality of the article and potential impact.

The award consists of a certificate and a cash award of $2,000, which is divided among the authors.

Dr. Lester Janoff Award Recipients


Elena Z. Biffi, OD, MS, FAAO of the New England College of Optometry

Her article, Interactive Multimedia Learning vs Traditional Learning in Optometry: a Randomized Trial, B-scan Example, was published in the Summer 2019 issue of Optometric Education.


Mark Dunne

Bhavna Pancholi

Drs. Mark Dunne and Bhavna Pancholi of Aston University. Their article, “Virtual Patient Instruction and Self-Assessment Accuracy in Optometry Students,” was published in the Winter-Spring 2018 (Volume 43 Number 2) of Optometric Education.


Jamie Althoff

Gregory Fecho

Jamie Althoff, OD and Gregory M. Fecho, OD both with NOVA Southeastern University, College of Optometry; and Patrick Hardigan, PhD, of the College of Medicine at NOVA Southeastern University. Their article was entitled, “Assessing Student Performance in Geometrical Optics Using Two Different Assessment Tools: Tablet and Paper,” and was published in Optometric Education: Volume 42 Number 1, 2016.


Denise Goodwin

Len Koh

Denise Goodwin, OD, FAAO and John R. Hayes, PhD both with Pacific University College of Optometry; and Len Koh, PhD, OD, of Midwestern University, Arizona College of Optometry. Their article was entitled, “Blended Learning in Optometric Clinical Procedures Instruction,” and was published in the Winter/Spring 2014 edition.


Marlee M. Spafford, OD, MSc, PhD, of Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Matthew D. Iley, BSc, OD, Annette S.H. Schultz, RN, PhD and Ryan D. Kennedy, MAES, PhD. “Tobacco Dependence Education in Optometry: A Canadian Pilot Study Assessing Practices and Opportunities,” Optometric Education, Fall 2010, Volume 36, No. 1.


Aurora Denial

Aurora Denial, O.D., of The New England College of Optometry. “Association of Critical Thinking Skills with Clinical Performance in Fourth-Year Optometry Students,” Optometric Education, Summer 2008 , Volume 33, No. 3.


Elizabeth Hoppe

Barbara McGinley, M.A., and Nancy B. Carlson, O.D., of The New England College of Optometry, and Elizabeth Hoppe, O.D., M.P.H., Dr. PH., of Western University. “Instilling Ethics and Professionalism in Today’s Optometry Students,” Optometric Education, Winter 2007, Volume 32, No. 2.